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Top 5 Incredible Trends Shaping The Future Of Pharma Industry

In the past three decades we have seen a revolutionary change in every industry. Due to rapid change at the economic front and development in technology and communication, the market has become more competitive and dynamic. As business owner, you have to be on your toes to grab every possible business opportunity. When you run a pharma industry, it is furthermore important to have close watch on what is happening around. It is an industry governed by the current trends. The blog discusses about the top five trends that will govern the future of pharma industry for all Pharma Manufacturers India.


Another area where you will be revolution is digitization. The pharma business realizes that it isn’t sufficient to provide the best product or service. There is a need for a complete package that is digitally friendly. In the pharma industry, this trend is increasing at amazing speed. Typically called ‘around the pill; offerings, the digitization includes everything from digital health app to services and devices that at=re offered with the prescription

Use of artificial intelligence in production process

Experts say that the need for humans as test subject will not be there in the next decade. In the genomic research and biotechnology, the use of cognitive computers will increase manifold. Instead of waiting for the test results on thousands of people for months, it will take a few seconds to see the effect on billions of simulations of human physiology.

Personalized Medicines

A lot of expenditure is being done into research projects to discover the target medicines efficiently. Analyzing the DNA of a person to determine what type of medicines will be more suitable is the next generation concept. A specific treatment plan can be derived based on it


They are in clinical trials as on today. However, experts are quite confident about the success of sensors in measuring critical vital signs and analyzing different body conditions. They are placed on the body or inside it. When taken internally, the sensors are inside the pills. They can track the digestion and absorption process of drugs. The use of sensor has been found quite effective in monitoring the prescription adherence with depressive disorders, bipolar disorders and schizophrenia.


It is a trend that has the potential of transforming the pharmaceutical industry operations. Especially, the supply chain process gets benefited by it the most. B2B companies that manage the sales operations and marketing of pharma products can take the maximum benefit by these upcoming trends.


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